Please sign new Downtown Crenshaw petition

DO IT AGAIN: take 2 min to go to sign the NEW petition and donate for Black LA.

They are trying to sell our 40 acres for the 4th time, your signature turns into another email to the sellers letting them know that we are not backing down. The work is long, but the repercussions will be also. Stand with us today for Black self-determination, for thriving and rooted communities in South LA, for safety, health, nourishment, and cooperativism.

Sign, donate, share, share, share, share…

Downtown Crenshaw and local residents are tired of all the gentrification that is displacing the community and refuses to sit back any longer. They have been attempting to buy the mall for a long time, but have been ignored. They have now stepped up to let those involved know that they will be very resourceful in ensuring that they will be included in these talks and be heard, even if this means that they have to go to the homes of all those who are dismissing and ignoring them.

#DowntownCrenshaw #40AcresAndAMall
#LIVWRK #AsherAbehsera
#FDT #Trump #JaredKushner #Kushner
#SageFuchs #KelseyHunter #CIM
#ProtectTheHood #CrenshawMall #OnlyTheHoodCanSaveTheHood
#News #BlackRock
@mhdcd8 @hollyjmitchell @mrtempower @livwrk @ktla5news @nbcla @cbsla @abc7la @lasentinelnews @lafocusnews @laweekly @kcrw

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